Trump's Afghanistan Speech Shows He's An Unapologetic Hypocrite

Instead of standing by what he once believed in, namely the end of a wasteful war, President Donald Trump decided to ramp up U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

Members of the U.S. military sitting in an audience.

President Donald Trump's Afghanistan speech confirmed what many suspected: His administration is ready to ramp up its involvement in the 16-year war.

By choosing to stay, Trump has not only embraced his party's stance in full, but he's also chosen to go completely against what he claimed to have stood for long before he was elected president.

In other words, Trump's Afghanistan speech unveiled the man as he is before the nation: an unapologetic hypocrite.

Claiming his administration is ready to “fight to win,” the president claimed there will be no “rapid exit” from the war, which was, and still is, paid for entirely by loans.

As the United States bargains with the future of the nation's economy in the name of a wasteful war on terror that has done nothing but boost terrorism in the region, Trump ensured soldiers present at the Army's Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall listening to his speech that his “administration will ensure that you, the brave defenders of the American people, will have the necessary tools and rules of engagement to make this strategy work.”

But long before he ran for president, Trump used his Twitter account to pressure President Barack Obama to pull out of Afghanistan countless times.

Calling the war in Afghanistan “a complete waste,” Trump seemed unwilling to back down, producing tweets that, quite frankly, haven't aged well.

Criticizing the war, Trump urged Obama to bring troops home while telling him that the effort was a waste of money and American lives.

In 2013, he even said America “should leave Afghanistan immediately.”

“Rebuild the U.S. first," he also said.

But during last night's speech, the president seemed oblivious of his past remarks. While he did mention that his “original instinct” was to get out immediately, he also said that leaving so abruptly would create a “vacuum.”

But what he failed to mention is that it's the U.S. presence in the country itself that may have prompted many locals to choose sides, forcing them into the hands of the Taliban or other competing terrorist organizations (such as ISIS). This is a clear pattern established across the world where America has intervened militarily, as resentment over the Western country's presence helps terrorist organizations grow and flourish. 

So, if the president is honest about his latest decision, he should simply say he's ready to carry on with a war that is costing us our future, fueling more terrorism, and destroying the lives of countless innocent civilians who are simply trying to navigate their lives despite the conflicts surrounding them.

In other words, Trump is just making up yet another excuse to continue terrorizing brown kids in the Middle East, just as he does at home with his inflammatory rhetoric and lack of touch with reality.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Joshua Roberts

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