Trump’s Approval Ratings Drop Even Further After Firing Comey

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to plummet after last week’s abrupt and controversial decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

Last week was one rocky political roller coaster after President Donald Trump suddenly fired ex-FBI Director James Comey.

This week, a newly released poll indicates that Americans are not taking Trump’s hasty and controversial decision very well.

Aside from the fact that it was abrupt, it made the administration look like it had something to hide as the termination conveniently coincided with Comey ramping up the investigation into the allegations that Russia was in cahoots with Trump’s campaign to meddle in the presidential election.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that only 29 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s decision to fire Comey, while 39 percent disapprove, and 32 percent surveyed said they weren't informed enough on the subject.

Of those who consider themselves well-informed on the incident, 53 percent said they disapprove and 33 percent said they approved, according to AOL News.

This is not good news for Trump, who was already suffering from dismally low approval ratings before this, and now they are headed to rock bottom.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal survey — which polled 800 adults from May 11-13 — and a new Gallup survey released over the weekend both show the president at a mere 39 percent approval rating while 54 percent disapprove of his performance.

According to AOL News, at this same point during President Barack Obama’s first term in office, his approval ratings were in the mid-60s. With that in mind, we just have one question: Is America great again, yet? 

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