More Americans Want Trump Impeached Than Approve Of His Presidency

After a disastrous week, President Donald Trump's approval ratings drop to a colossal low, while a growing number of Americans call for his removal from office.

Amidst an ever-expanding investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia, and after his earth-shattering decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, President Donald Trump's approval ratings have plummeted to a mere percentage point away from his all-time low of 35 percent.

This recent poll result should be doubly alarming to the president given the fact that the number of Americans that support his impeachment is growing. 

According to a Gallup poll published Monday morning, Trump's approval ratings dropped from 42 percent to 36 percent over the weekend. Newsweek reports that the results vary slightly among other polls, but each concludes that his popularity has taken a severe hit since the fiascos of last week.

The right wing Rasmussen Reports even indicates faltering in American support of Trump and reported that 54 percent of the nation is displeased with his presidency thus far. 

Last week, a POLITICO/Morning Consultant poll found that support for Trump's impeachment had risen to 43 percent, a percentage now notably higher than the 36 percent of Americans who approve of his job performance.

Last week's poll also revealed how politically polarized this nation remains, as the majority of Republicans did not want to begin impeachment proceedings while the majority of Democrats did.

However, that political divide doesn't diminish the dire straits Trump finds himself in amidst the results of this week's polls, and it poses the question to Congressional Republicans: When are you going to serve all Americans?

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