Trump's Attorney Gets Destroyed Online For 'I Have Black Friends' Post

President Donald Trump's personal attorney used a collage of photos of him with his black friends to score some points, but the internet did not forgive.

Trump gestures to crowd.

President Donald Trump is in deep trouble for blaming both racists and white supremacists and counter-protesters for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — but he's not the only one. His personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is now in hot water for posting a collage on Twitter showing he can't be racist because he has black friends.

Early Wednesday, Cohen decided to show the whole world how he disavows racism, but instead of doing so effectively by simply attacking the actions and reasoning that led to the deadly Saturday incident in Charlottesville, Trump's attorney decided it would be wise to add a collage of photos of him with his black friends.

Promptly after posting the collage, Cohen got countless responses — none of which he may have expected.

Highlighting the ridiculousness of his statement, many Twitter users accused Cohen of using the method many white people employ to prove they aren't racist.

Seeing that his seemingly good intentions had backfired, Cohen shared a Facebook post by a black woman who works for Trump at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Then, he went on a tweetstorm of retweets of blacks and Jews who stood with the president.

But despite his several attempts at making peace with the Twittersphere, it seemed that the more he did to disprove his critics, the more he got chastised for even trying.

Next time, how about simply disavowing racism by being honest about the president's incapacity to call out hate? That might get you some points online.

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