Trump's Base Is Looking at 2020 And Some May Not Vote Trump Again

As the Russia probe reaches President Donald Trump himself, some voters in his base are expressing doubts about whether he's the right man to run their country.

Trump supporters hold American flag with Trump campaign slogan at rally.

As President Donald Trump's administration inches along by the hair of a dog, his base is beginning to doubt that the faith they placed in the 2016 political upstart will ever be rewarded.

The Wall Street Journal even reported that, while most of his supporters view the Russia investigation as the "witch hunt" Trump claims it to be, some are leaning into the old saying "where there's smoke there's fire."

“If they are looking into him obstructing justice, that’s a tough one to hear,” Jennifer King, a Republican and church secretary in Wisconsin, told reporters.

While King said that she doesn't regret voting for Trump, she is having serious doubts over whether she will vote for him again given his many broken promises and unpresidential behavior.

The results of a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll indicate that four in 10 Trump voters threw their support behind the mogul merely because they couldn't stand Hillary Clinton. His continually fluctuating, but always historically low, approval ratings show the perilous ground on which he won the election and how easily he could lose the presidency come 2020.

“All of this stuff he is doing is really turning off a lot of people I’ve talked to,” revealed Cathy Coats, who voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, but switched political course and voted for Trump in 2016. “I hope he wakes up and realizes that people who were supporting him are no longer supporting him.”

Like others, Coats said she is alarmed by the Russia probe, particularly because investigation has now reached the president himself. The White House is so mired in scandal she doesn't see how they can get anything done, and that's something too many Americans cannot afford.

“They did promise us a new health care law, but I don’t even know what it is about — who is covered, what is covered,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “What’s concerning me about everything is that we are — and rightly should be — investigating Trump more than taking care of the country.”

Trump did not win easily, and he did not win the popular vote. While he ultimately made it into the White House, he doesn't have any room to mess up and expect to be re-elected. Messing up is all he's been doing since he was sworn into office however, and when you're one of the most well-known public figures on the planet, people notice. And they care.

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