Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon Not A Big Fan Of 'Whiny Brat' Jews

If his ex-wife's statements are to be believed, Bannon is a bigot just like his boss, Donald Trump.

Disturbing details have emerged about Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, whose reported history of domestic abuse and anti-Semitism is now coming to light.

Stephen Bannon

If true, Bannon's outlook on life seems to closely mirror his bigoted boss' statements on everything from women to Jews. 

Most of these details were found in court documents submitted by his ex-wife Mary Piccard in 2007 during a hostile custody battle regarding the couple’s children. Piccard alleged that on Jan. 1, 1996, an argument over a credit card imploded. Bannon turned violent and attempted to choke her. He yelled slurs at her, broke the phone when she tried calling the police and threatened to kidnap their daughters.

This is not the only example of Bannon’s terrifying behavior, according to Piccard's accounts. When the couple was looking for schools for their girls, he objected to Archer Girls School in Los Angeles, primarily due to the number of Jewish students enrolled in the elite institution.

Bannon had a baseless, illogical belief that Jews raised their children to be "whiny brats," and he did not want his daughters to mingle with them.

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"I told him that there are children who are Jewish at (a competing school), and he asked me what the percentage was. I told him that I didn't know because it wasn't an issue for me as I am not raising the girls to be either anti-Semitic or prejudiced against anyone," she wrote in her court declaration.

At another point, Bannon was troubled because another school was a "former temple." If Piccard's statements are to be believed, Bannon even at one point in time asked the school director why were there so many Chanukah books in the library.

The statements were made a decade after Piccard filed for divorce, during a custody battle.

A spokeswoman for Bannon has denied these claims, saying that Bannon "proudly" sent his children to Archer Girls School.

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