Trump Camp In Denial, Believes 'Undercover' Voters Will Save Trump

Donald Trump may be lagging in the polls, but that’s not stopping his brand new campaign manager from being absurdly optimistic about his potential voters.

kellyanne conway

After causing controversy on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has hired a slew of new staffers to revamp his popularity.

In an interview Tuesday with the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, Trump’s newly-appointed campaign manager Kellyanne Conway claimed that there is an underground existence of hidden voters who will secretly vote for Trump.

Her outlandish remark came a day prior to Wednesday's Reuters/Ipsos poll, which indicated that Hillary Clinton has a 95 percent chance of winning if the election were held today.

Conway said to Channel 4, “It’s become socially desirable, especially if you’re a college educated person in the United States of America, to say that you’re against Donald Trump. The hidden Trump vote is a very significant proposition.”

When asked to further explain what she meant by “hidden Trump vote” in terms of numbers, Conway refused to oblige any details.

She said, “I can’t discuss [this secret group]. It’s a project we’re doing internally. I call it the undercover Trump voter, but it’s real.”

Channel 4’s interview with Conway is pretty amusing in itself, as she cut the interview short and refused to answer a question from the antagonizing British host, who clearly held an anti-Trump bias.

True to Trump form, Conway is attempting to propel her boss's reputation forward in the polls by making cryptic, bizarre statements.

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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