Melania And Donald Think The White House Is Like A Jail

Comparing the White House to Venezuelan prison is yet another foot in the mouth moment for Donald and Melania Trump.

Donald Trump

Prisons in Venezuela are notorious for the inhumane treatment of inmates. Every so often, horrifying stories of the prison system’s utter disregard for human rights emerge: This year, it was reported that inmates were sometimes forced to eat pasta mixed with excrement. In August, security forces stormed into a prison in Venezuela and massacred 30 inmates.


And then there is the White House. You know, the place where the president lives with his family where there is an army of staff to cook up elaborate meals and a garden dedicated entirely to roses.

You may think the comparison is absurd and not well-placed. In our defense, it’s not us, but the POTUS and the FLOTUS making these comparisons.

Reportedly, in a meeting with the wife of the imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader, the President Donald Trump and first lady Melania empathized with the woman by bonding over their shared experiences of dealing with prisons. The two assured Lilian Tintori that they completely understand what her husband Leopoldo Lopez was going through because they themselves have been confined in the White House, which has been nothing less than a prison.

The first lady's spokeswoman has denied that Melania made such a comment, saying that she only offered words of encouragement, The Post reported.


Thankfully, the POTUS had some more talking points. Apart from praising her stoicism at watching her husband wither in a prison that rivals the White House, he also praised her role as a former reality TV star in Venezuela.

The meeting supposedly ended well, and Tintori was more than happy with Trump's call to release Lopez.

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