Trump's DHS Adviser Thinks ‘True’ Muslims Can’t ‘Coexist’ With Others

A high-level DHS executive director and White House adviser is just one of the most openly racist individuals to work with the President Donald Trump administration.

Department of Homeland Security workers in front of computers.

Another day, another adviser to President Donald Trump who’s known for being a racist makes the news.

Frank Wuco, a right-wing pundit who also serves as a senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser, is known for making rabidly Islamophobic comments during his media appearances, for dressing as a jihadist, and for even pushing conspiracy theories about former President Barack Obama.

But thanks to a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, we now also know that he is the executive director of the DHS’ Executive Order Task Force, meant to implement Trump’s orders. That means that Wuco is tasked with implementing the travel ban, which bars people from some countries, most of which are Muslim-majority, from entering the country.

In one of his 2010 radio appearances, Wuco warned the audience that most people have “a critical misunderstanding of the true nature of Islam, which was never intended to coexist, to complement, to mingle with other faiths.”

“It is clearly stated in the law, in the traditions, in the Quran, that Islam is here to abrogate all faiths that came before, was sent to abrogate and cleanse the corruption of the Jews and the Christians that are found in the previous scriptures,” he said.

In a 2012 media appearance, he called the idea that Islam seeks tolerance as “Muslim propaganda."

“To say that Islam is willing to coexist peacefully with other religions and other sort of nationalities, if you can have such a thing in Islam, is really antithetical to what the Quran and what Sharia law teaches," Wuco said.

And then in 2014, long before Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Wuco suggested that banning visas from what he called “Muslim nations” would be a “great” development. Unfortunately, he added, it “can never happen.”

In January 2017, Wuco started serving as a senior White House adviser at DHS, helping to fill the Trump administration with individuals who are particularly rabid against anyone who subscribes to Islam.

In November of last year, a Mother Jones article suggested that, on top of everything he had already said about Islam, he also believed that “terrorism would be consistent with Islamic scripture” if there were ever to be a fight between the West and Islam.

Despite his openly racist comments, he still serves the president, using his beliefs and personal ideas about a particular religion to help shape policy. By the looks of it, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller were not the only high-level advisers with influence in the administration helping to develop policy by basing it on their anti-Muslim sentiments.

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