On His Birthday, Trump Finds Almost 60% Of Americans Disapprove Of Him

President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit its second lowest point on Tuesday, sitting at a mere 36 percent, while his disapproval rating skyrockets.

With every terrible move he makes, President Donald Trump’s approval rating just keeps sinking.

On Tuesday, his disapproval rating hit a whopping 60 percent, its highest point yet, according to Business Insider. Meanwhile, his approval rating sunk to a dismal 36 percent, the second-lowest mark of his presidency —and we’re barely six months in.

He hit his lowest point back in March, when his approval rating dropped to a dreadful 35 percent.

The data was collected by Gallup’s daily tracking poll, which also shows that the last president to hit a 60 percent disapproval rating the fastest was George H.W. Bush on his 1,290th day in office.

The comparison puts a grave perspective on Trump’s current standing among Americans as Tuesday marked only his 144th day as president. 

Interestingly enough, Tuesday was also the day Trump took to Twitter with a rant expressing his objection to the 9th United States Circuit Court's decision to uphold the nationwide block on his travel ban. It is also the day that speculation began circulating that the Golden State Warriors would refuse an invitation to the White House to celebrate their NBA championship win. 

On the bright side, the polls seem to show that more Americans are opening their eyes to the fact that Trump is unfit to run this country. However, why it took so many people this long to realize that is still a mystery.  

Will these plummeting numbers bring us a step closer to impeachment, or at the very least, crush Trump's chances at reelection?  

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