Trump’s Fake News Awards Could Land WH Staff In Legal Trouble

Because of his capricious and childish behavior, President Donald Trump may end up jeopardizing his administration, forcing his own staff to risk breaking the law.

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​President Donald Trump may believe he has a good chance at trolling the media with his “fake news” awards. But if his staff at the White House takes part in any of the mockery, then they could be breaking the law.

According to former White House Special Counsel for Ethics Norm Eisen, the president is protected from being persecuted for misuse of position, but that does not apply to everyone else working for him.

On Sunday, Eisen used Twitter to warn that aiding the president with his “fake news” awards could have serious consequences for White House staff.

Eisen, who worked for the President Barack Obama administration, was referring to the law that prohibits government employees from using their work time and money to cause any harm to the members of the media.  

The president had promised to announce the “winners” of his “fake news awards” on Monday but has now said that his announcement is coming out on Jan. 17.

After Eisen’s message went live, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, quoted Eisen’s tweet and added that if any White House employee is involved in Trump’s post or adds the details to the White House official site, they could be in trouble.

In the tweet addressed to Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Shaub also warned about using federal appropriations to back this “event.”

According to the White House director of social media, Dan Scavino Jr., he is not getting involved with the awards. Instead, he said last month, Trump’s 2020 campaign is behind this event.

Considering that even the Republican National Committee is working on the awards by promoting an online poll ever since the president first mentioned the awards idea in November, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone working for Trump in the White House was, in fact, directly involved with this project.

Still, it’s clear that if this is the case, Trump will be jeopardizing his administration, giving Congress and the media even more reasons to push for a formal probe into how the president and his aides spend their time.

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