Is Hollywood Blackballing Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day organizers are reportedly struggling to find A-list stars willing to perform for the controversial president-elect.

President-elect Donald Trump seems to be having a really hard time finding people to perform at his inauguration next month, and he is not happy about it.

Before running for president, Trump was able to boast of a slew of celebrity friends and associates, however, much of that has changed following the world’s discovery that the president-elect is a sexist, bigoted, sleazy, lying, and manipulative human being.

Mark Burnett, creator and producer of “The Apprentice,” is in charge of the inauguration plans, Uproxx reports. However, with just a month before the event and no confirmed A-list performers lined up, he had to bring out the big guns, so to speak.

Burnett has sought the help of talent recruiter Suzanne Bender who has previously booked acts for hit shows “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol.”

Apparently, superstars including Garth Brooks, Elton John, and Andrea Bocelli were all asked to participate and declined. In addition to those who are likely refusing because of their personal gripes with Trump, there are also those who fear backlash from their anti-Trump fans if they agree to perform.

Trump is greatly disliked among most Americans, which is evidenced by the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the presidential election by a landslide. Therefore, celebrities who might actually like and support Trump are still treading lightly.

“If anyone does do it, I hope that the check that they get is in the nine figures. Because it’s probably the last check they’re ever going to get,” said Dixie Chicks manager Simon Renshaw in an interview with The Wrap.

This is not the first we’ve seen of public figures keeping their distance from Trump. Following the election, a number of NBA basketball teams announced that they would no longer put their players in Trump’s hotels while traveling for away games.

These choices represent solidarity with the Americans that Trump has offended and unleashed attacks against. Trump being alienated from the celebrity world will likely extend beyond Inauguration Day and into future White House events.

While a multitude of celebrities over the last eight years have expressed feeling honored to be in the presence of the Obamas, the Trumps aren’t slated to have the same effect.

This collective rejection of Trump shows a level of integrity that places humanity above money and status. If he thinks that he was chosen by the American people, this is just the beginning of the rude awakening he’s in for. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr user, Gage Skidmore

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