Did Trump Meet With Oracle CEO To Sabotage Amazon Deal?

An ongoing feud with Amazon may be prompting President Donald Trump to undermine the company's potential Pentagon contract possibly worth billions of dollars.

Split image of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (L) and President Donald Trump (R)

In a move typical of President Donald Trump's apparent love for backroom deals, the president secretly met with Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz on Tuesday night. 

According to Business Insider, this meeting comes in the same moment that Oracle is locked in competition with Amazon for a Pentagon contract worth possibly $10 billion. 

This is particularly striking because Trump has been in a war of words with Amazon for more than a year, and this secret meeting may confirm speculation that Trump could try to take a shot at Amazon by meddling with the Pentagon deal. 

Amazon is the perceived front-runner to win the contract, which aims to provide the Department of Defense with cloud-computing services. 

Trump's animus toward Amazon consists of recently claiming that Amazon is hurting the United States Postal Service and small retailers. He has also floated conspiracy theories that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, is using the newspaper to smear Trump's reputation. 

One source even told Axios that Trump is "obsessed" with Amazon. 

Trump and Catz also met with billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiele, the pariah of Silicon Valley for his ongoing Trump-love

Business Insider contacted the White House, but they declined to comment on what was discussed in the secret meeting. But Heather Babb, a Pentagon spokeswoman, told the publication that competition for the big contract would be "full and open." 

It remains to be seen what went on in Trump's hush-hush meeting with Oracle. But given Trump's autocratic leanings and childish obsession with petty retribution, it seems likely that he has dreams of landing a sucker punch against Amazon. 

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