Trump's Millionaire Kids Didn't Donate A Single Cent To His Campaign

With Election Day just around the corner, a new report suggests that none of Donald Trump’s kids have donated any money to his campaign — not a dime.

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On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that none of Donald Trump’s children or close campaign employees has donated to his presidential campaign.

The report, compiled from Federal Election Commission findings, all but suggests that Trump’s kids just aren’t that into him. There was a small exception, however. It appears that his second son, Eric Trump, spent $376.20 on a meeting’s meal expenses, but he was reimbursed for the purchase, according to the FEC. Sad!

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Oddly enough, both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. donated to Hillary Clinton’s 2007 campaign.

Hillary Clinton, however, has received financial support from her only child as well as key members of her inner circle. Albeit in relatively small amounts, the symbolic gesture suggests a bond which the Trump family appears to lack.

This includes donations from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, who gave $2,700 with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Additionally, the Democratic candidate’s campaign manager Robby Mook gave $250. Granted, it’s not much, but it’s something that Donald Trump can’t boast about.

While these FEC findings are neither make it or break it for either candidate, it certainly doesn’t help Donald Trump’s reputation as a pitiable father figure. It’s surprising that he was able to rally the morale of millions of Americans, considering he can’t do the same with his own offspring.

With the election fast approaching, last-minute fundraising pushes can propel either candidate toward a White House victory, whether expressed in the form of TV ads or campaign operatives to get out the vote, as Mic noted.

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Hillary Clinton’s fundraising has gone through the roof in these final weeks leading up to Election Day. Her campaign’s financial standing rounds about $62 million, whereas Trump’s pales at a laughable $16 million.

Trump pledged that he would self-fund $100 million in the first three weeks of October, but he missed the mark in a big way. He’s alleged to have given just $31,000 to his campaign during this period, through in-kind purchases, not cold cash. 

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