Of Course Trump's Muslim Ban Doesn't Apply To The Rich

Donald Trump said that, of course, his wealthy Muslim friends would be exceptions to the ban.

Donald Trump’s terrible notion to put a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is one of the biggest controversies of his campaign, yet he has refused to backtrack from the idea.

During an MSBNC Town Hall hosted by Chris Matthews on Wednesday, Matthews once again asked Trump to clarify his position on this ban and how it would affect Muslims across the world.

Trump boasted, “I have actually—believe it or not, I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me. In most cases, they’re very rich Muslims, OK?”

When Matthews asked whether Trump would ban his friends as well, he responded by declaring, “They’ll come in. You’ll have exceptions.”

So, while Trump advocates banning the Muslims fleeing civil strife in Syria who are refugees, he would welcome the wealthy, most privileged Muslims into the country?

This comes as no surprise, considering Trump has strong ties to affluent Saudi Arabians and has made numerous business deals with them.

It’s simply another horrible remark from a horrible man who has no idea what he is even talking about. 

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