Trump Proposes Law Limiting Welfare For Immigrants That Already Exists

President Donald Trump has a grand new scheme that earned him a standing ovation at a recent rally, but the problem is it's not such a new scheme after all.

Donald Trump supporters stand in front of an American flag and cheer at rally

After breaking so many promises, it seems President Donald Trump is making vows that are more achievable now. In fact, he's promising things that already exist.

During a rally in Iowa on Wednesday, Trump told a cheering crowd that he would "very shortly" sign into effect a law that would prohibit immigrants from receiving welfare for five years.

Here's the thing, President Trump: that's already been law in the United States for over 20 years. With the exception of Cuban immigrants, who are given refugee status upon arrival, all individuals who immigrated to the U.S. after Aug. 22, 1996 are unable to apply for federal assistance programs until they have lived in the country for five years.

"Most qualified aliens entering the country on or after enactment are banned from receiving Federal means-tested public benefits for a period of 5 years beginning on the date of the alien's entry with a qualified alien status," reads the rules for applying for welfare benefits.

"The president was referring to policies he laid out both during his joint address to Congress and in his budget that promote a merit-based approach to immigration that requires self-sufficiency," a White House spokesman told The Washington Examiner about the president's proposal of the U.S. law already in practice. "That law is full of holes."

Sure, that's exactly what Trump meant.

To top off his speech, the president made the bizarre comment that he didn't want "poor people" running the economy. In his egomaniacal mind of course he, a man whose businesses consistently fail, and the many wealthy swamp creatures in his White House are a better fit for the job. 

It's the kind of ignorant and sloppy nonsense we've come to expect from Trump. The only thing he seems to be decent at is putting his foot in his mouth, but he always has people more than willing to make excuses while trying to pull it out.

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