Secret Service Didn't 'Formally' Address Trump Campaign About Threat

As of Wednesday, one in five Republicans wanted Donald Trump to drop out of the race, but what will it really take for Trump to withdraw his candidacy?

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On Thursday morning, Reuters reported that a federal official speaking on behalf of the Secret Service stated the security organization never "formally" spoke to Donald Trump regarding his Second Amendment remarks.

Despite Trump having alluded to a political assassination of his campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, it appears that he will not receive any federal reprimand for speaking out of line.

On Tuesday, after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump implied that gun owners should assassinate his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the disparagement of the Republican Party’s reputation continues on its rapid descent. The Secret Service has even stepped in to investigate, apparently.

Trump said to an audience at the University of North Carolina on Tuesday, “If she [Clinton] gets to pick her judges, there’s nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.” The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution declares the rights of citizens to bear arms.

The Secret Service, according to CNN journalist Jim Sciutto, has had “more than one discussion” with Trump’s campaign about his threatening statement, which some conservatives claim was just a joke.

A Secret Service official told CNN that the Trump campaign said the candidate never meant to incite violence. Trump, however, denies allegations a conversation ever even occurred, writing on Twitter, "No such meeting or conversation ever happened."

In the wake of his statement, however, Trump’s popularity appears to be on the decline. As of Wednesday morning, Clinton led the polls over Trump by six points. Another poll from Wednesday determined that one in five Republicans would prefer for Trump to quit than to stay in the race.

Whereby Trump effectively called for a political assassination of Clinton, he said to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday night that the Second Amendment backlash could be a “good thing” for him.

In an attempt to cover up his poor judgment call, Trump told Hannity, “I think it’s a good thing for me. Because it’s going to tell people more about me with respect to the Second Amendment… because Hillary Clinton wants to essentially abolish the Second Amendment.”

Trump seems to have missed the point that he not only threatened Clinton’s life, but he insulted the integrity of responsible gun-owning Americans, or his so-called “Second Amendment people” whom he wrongly assumed are all as reckless as he is.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post published a scathing editorial from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in which he railed against the GOP presidential candidate and the party itself for standing by idly. Scarborough opened his op-ed, titled “The GOP Must Dump Trump,” with a concise list of reasons why Trump should no longer be eligible to run for U.S. president. He wrote, 

“The Muslim ban, the David Duke denial, the ‘Mexican’ judge flap, the draft dodger denigrating John McCain’s military service, the son of privilege attacking an immigrant Gold Star mother and the constant revisionism and lying about past political positions taken are but a few of the lowlights that have punctuated Donald Trump’s chaotic chase for the presidency.”

Scarborough added, “Any one of these offenses would have disqualified any other candidate for president.” Despite Trump having repeatedly made ill-founded remarks which should disqualify him from running for president, the top Trump surrogates still somehow endorse him.  

This back-and-forth in which Trump repeatedly defends his outlandish remarks appears to be business as usual for the makeshift politician. Although, suggesting to murder a woman who is a top politician, former First Lady, and former Secretary of State isn’t an everyday occurrence and neither should it be considered as such by Secret Service authorities or the voting public. 

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