John Bolton Adds Another Islamophobe To National Security Council

John Bolton, President Donald Trump's national security adviser, has appointed a known anti-Muslim bigot, Fred Fleitz, to chief of staff for the National Security Council.

A senior vice president for a recognized hate group will soon be chief of staff for President Donald Trump’s National Security Council (NSC).

NSC head John Bolton appointed Fred Fleitz to the position earlier this week.

Fleitz was the senior vice president for Policy and Programs at an organization called the Center for Security Policy (CSP), which published a congratulatory note on his appointment on its website Tuesday.

CSP is a hawkish, bigoted organization that frequently touts conspiracy theories purporting that the United States government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has warned against a “creeping Shariah” (Islamic law) within the nation, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

CSP also urged Congress to create a committee in 2011 that would investigate supposed proponents of “civilization jihad” in the government, similar in vein to the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee that tried to do the same with communism at the height of the Red Scare in the 1950s.

Fleitz, himself, has urged the president to end the Iran nuclear deal and applauded him for stepping away from the Paris climate accord in 2017, calling the agreement a “weak [pact] that endanger[s] U.S. security” in a column at the conservative National Review.

Bolton, who was just appointed in April, is a hawkish individual who has peddled extremist (and false) views about Muslims as well when he was at the far-right Gatestone Institute. His appointment of Fleitz to the position of chief of staff for the National Security Council is a perfect fit for him — yet, an inappropriate one for the rest of America.

We need national security experts advising the president who formulate their opinions on actual data, not bigoted and extremist viewpoints that are based on scant or nonexistent evidence.

Besides Fleitz, Bolton has also tapped two more loyalists; Sarah Tinsley and Garrett Marquis as senior directors for communications for the NSC. 

Tinsley was the director of Bolton’s super PAC and has worked with him since the 1980s. Meanwhile, Marquis has served as a spokesman for Bolton.

For Muslims living across America, Fleitz's appointment and others like it must be worrisome — but this should also trouble any freedom-loving American, Muslim or otherwise, who rejects bigotry.

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