Trump’s Support Continues To Crumble, Another GOP Leader Is With Her

Former Connecticut congressman Chris Shays joins the list of numerous GOP officials who have come out in support of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Just days after 50 former top Republican security officials signed a damning letter calling Donald Trump the “most reckless president in history” and refusing to vote for him, Trump’s support within the Republican Party continues to disintegrate.

Former GOP congressman Chris Shays wrote an op-ed for CNN titled “Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton,” detailing his aversion to Trump and why he cannot, in good conscience, support the GOP nominee despite years of loyalty to his party.

Shays represented Connecticut in the House of Representatives for 13 years and acted as the chairman of the National Security Committee of the Government Oversight Committee, interacting with Clinton on a regular basis when she was New York’s senator.

Shays has long been considered a moderate—his congressional voting record put him in fifth place on the list of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs)—due to his stance on social issues. The Daily Beast reports that Shays was “prone to back environmental causes, gun control, and abortion rights.”

He represents a dying breed of the Republican Party, prior to the Tea Party’s takeover and Trump’s reign: one that was reasonable, moderate, and more interested in fiscal conservatism than restricting social freedoms.

In his op-ed, he says as much. “[Trump] represents practically everything I was taught not to be, and everything my wife and I taught our daughter not to be,” Shays writes.

He condemns fellow Republicans for supporting Trump despite knowledge that he will be detrimental to America’s prosperity: “I think many Republicans know Donald Trump could cause great damage to our country and the world at large, and still plan to vote for him. But not me.”

Shays takes a principled stance, firmly stating that Clinton will be an experienced, intelligent, and tough president, capable of handling challenges Trump cannot even wrap his head around.

Shays joins other notable Republican figures who have expressed support for Clinton over Trump, including former George W. Bush policy adviser Kori Schake, Ronald Reagan’s former White House political director, Frank Lavin, former Michigan governor William Milliken, New York Rep. Richard Hanna, and Jeb Bush’s top adviser, Sally Bradshaw.

With one top Republican after another backing Clinton, Trump’s campaign continues to implode before our eyes, particularly as he continues to make heinous “jokes” about the assassination of his political opponent. 

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