Trump And North Korea Are Pushing People To Build Nuclear Shelters

Americans are terrified that the president may be putting us in danger of a nuclear war and are turning to shelter builders for peace of mind.

Trump touches his ear.

President Donald Trump has been so effective in creating a climate of fear by threatening North Korea before the United Nations that many people have already started to build bunkers in anticipation for doomsday.

According to Raw Story, shelter companies have started to receive a high volume of calls from people desperate to order their products in light of Trump’s menacing speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

During the event, the president took a stab at the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by calling him the “Rocket Man,” adding that “we will have no choice but to totally destroy” the country.

As tough as this sounds, this wasn’t the only time the president made fiery comments about the North Korean dictator.

In August, he threatened North Korea saying they would be met with “fire and fury” if Jong Un continued to threaten America.

But here at home, Americans are seeing the tensions growing and are wondering if the president doesn’t realize his rhetoric may trigger Cold War-like threats, prompting several people to look at bunkers for peace of mind.

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s own website, “taking shelter during a nuclear blast is absolutely necessary.”

In order to seek appropriate shelter in the event of a nuclear attack, the site identifies at least two types of structures people should seek, a blast shelter and a fallout shelter.

The first protects individuals from initial radiation and the fire and heat that follow, while the latter helps to protect the human organism by absorbing the radiation from fallout particles. Fallout shelters are usually made with denser and heavier materials.

With so much tough talk going on between Trump and Jung-Un, many in the shelter industry are expecting to have a busy season ahead.

Texas-based Rising S Bunkers’ Gary Lynch said that he had sold 67 shelters in 2017 alone while in 2016, he had only sold nine.

Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, said with the way things are going, he believes he will have at least 1,000 shelters sold by the end of the year. Within a 30-day period, he also said, he had sold more than 30 shelters, a record since 30 is more than what he sold all year about six years ago.

“We are back in the 1960s again,” he told reporters.  

To those who live in densely populated areas and who do not have access to land where a shelter can be installed, the best option is to go with safe rooms fitted with “bio-defense” capabilities, Raw Story reported. One of the leaders in this industry is Gaffco Ballistics, whose CEO, Tom Gaffney, told reporters he has definitely seen an increase in calls since May.

While we’re sure shelter manufacturers have welcomed this business boost, it’s important to note that nobody should live in fear of a nuclear attack because diplomacy was never their leader’s first choice.

If Trump were truly concerned with putting the safety of the American people first, he would have thought twice before acting like a bully. Unfortunately for all of us, the president doesn’t seem to think much of seeing war as a last resort.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts

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