Trump's Treasury Secretary Thinks Trump's Genes Are 'Perfect'

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called President Donald Trump's genes "perfect" during a recent interview. He also talked about putting the president's face on a $1,000 bill.

President Donald Trump's cabinet picks are often known for their big mouths and little care for the words that come out of them — as demonstrated by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and press secretary Sean Spicer. Why would it be any different with the president's choice for treasury secretary?

During an interview with Axios' Mike Allen, Steve Mnuchin had some interesting things to say about the president — to say the least.  

When talking about Trump's diet, Mnuchin said that the president had quit eating KFC or McDonald's ever since he moved to the White House because the food there is “great.” But things got a bit weird when Mnuchin started discussing other aspects of Trump's health.

“[Trump's] got the perfect genes,” the treasury secretary said. “He has incredible energy and he's unbelievably healthy."

Perfect genes, huh?

Twitter did not let that incredibly insensitive comment go unchallenged.

When joking about the president, Mnuchin also stated that there should be a $1,000 bill and Trump's face should be on it. We sure hope this isn't a sign of how monetary policies will look under the president's leadership. After all, nobody will like it when inflation turns the dollar into a worthless piece of paper.

In addition, Mnuchin also stated that as “the negotiator-in-chief,” the president only wants “big deals,” and that he “has an open door. People are coming and going, and he thinks about something and calls somebody on the phone... this is not a formal, scheduled president.”

Perhaps, that's why he hasn't been able to ensure his administration runs as smoothly as one would have hoped.

Regardless, Munichin's comments shouldn't be ignored, especially since we've learned Trump has a foreign policy adviser whose alleged ties to Nazi groups are concerning many in the Senate.

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