Trump’s ‘USA Freedom Kids’ Now Plan To Sue Him

The father of a child in the “USA Freedom Kids” group that performed at a Donald Trump rally is now suing the campaign for violating an unwritten agreement.

Donald Trump is even disappointing his own supporters during his presidential campaign.

Jeff Popick, the father and creator of the “USA Freedom Kids," plans on suing the Trump campaign for breaking an unwritten, financial agreement with the group, according to The Washington Post.

“This is not a billion-dollar lawsuit,” Popick said. “I'm doing this because I think they have to do the right thing. And if this means having to go through the court system to enforce them doing the right thing, then that's what I have to do. I'm not looking to do battle with the Trump campaign, but I have to show my girls that this is the right thing.”

Although the financial agreement was not written down, there was still a verbal agreement promising compensation for the group’s performance.

Last January, the trio of girls performed at a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida, decked out in patriotic dresses. He asked for a $2,500 payment for their performance and the Trump campaign instead offered them a table to presell the group’s albums.  

Popick agreed to the table to promote the “USA Freedom Kids,” and he learned the moment he entered the political event that there was no table.

The father is now planning to sue the Trump campaign in a few weeks, seeking compensation or even another performance by the preteens.

“We are now asking and demanding for what has been promised to us and is now long-overdue (and has been rightly earned by us); that is, a performance at the convention,” Popick said in an email to the Trump campaign.

Prior to the financial disagreement, Popick was a hardcore Trump fan, but now his love for the presidential candidate is uncertain.

"What he's done to my group or what he's not done for my group doesn't necessarily make him the best candidate; it doesn't make him the worst candidate. I still have to mull that over. He might still be the best candidate as president of the United States — or not," he said.

It’s appalling that Trump can be so manipulative when it comes to financial responsibility to his supporters, yet he has such an influence on them, that they still contemplate voting for him.

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