Trump’s War With Amazon Smells Of Tyranny

President Donald Trump appears to be bitter about The Washington Post's coverage of him, so he decided to attack Amazon. But will his tyrannical tactic work?

Jeff Bezos entering the Trump Tower.

President Donald Trump seems to want to use his presidency to go after Amazon CEO and The Washington Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos. So for the fourth time in just one week, he took to Twitter to do what he likes best: attack.

On Tuesday, the president once again said Amazon is costing taxpayers “many billions of dollars” because of the giant’s use of the U.S. Post Office for shipping.

Calling the government-run mail business Amazon’s “Delivery Boy,” the president is now known for these types of attacks against the company, which is owned and run by Bezos.

According to Vanity Fair, this continuous attack against the online retailer is due to the president’s personal conflict with another one of Bezos’ companies, The Washington Post.

Four unnamed sources told Vanity Fair that the president is wondering how he can use the momentum created by his Twitter attacks to actually do some damage to the company.

“He’s off the hook on this. It’s war,” one of the sources told reporters.

Another added: “Trump is like, how can I f*** with him?”

One of the ways he thinks he can achieve this is by renegotiating the deal between the company and the post office.

If he’s successful at it, then Amazon’s shipping costs would increase, and as such, this increase would undoubtedly translate in higher costs to consumers. It would also hurt countless employers as Amazon is one of the largest employers in the country. Still, nothing appears to change the president’s mind.

Inside the White House, Gary Cohn, chief economic advisor to the president, explained to Trump that Amazon is actually benefiting the Post Office.

Because of the internet, the postal service saw a major decline in recent years, so Amazon’s use of the post office is actually putting the service on the map again. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t agree.

In addition, the president has accused The Washington Post of being a “lobbyist” for Bezos previously on Twitter, openly showing that the reason he’s bitter at the businessman is related to the newspaper’s coverage of his administration.

On Twitter, many users pointed out the absurdity of allowing a president to attack a business owner because of bad publicity.

If anything, these users suggested this is nothing but tyranny, and a type of tyranny that is being allowed to continue by Congress.

Regardless of where this war with Amazon will lead us, one thing is certain. The president risks continuing to be seen as a bully and a corrupt leader by trying to use his presidency to hurt the owner of a news organization. It’s up to him and nobody else whether he goes down in history as a tyrant. And so far, his choice seems pretty clear.

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