NY Daily News Cover Accurately Describes Trump Voters As 'Brain Dead'

The win in New Hampshire proves that hate, not logic, may win over the hearts and minds of Americans more often than not—and that’s terrifying.



“Dawn Of The Brain Dead: Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves,” the cover of The New York Daily News reads.

After Donald Trump’s victory in New Hampshire last night, many are scrambling to wrap their heads around the fact that a man like Trump could actually stand a fighting chance in the presidential candidacy.

Trump decided that instead of enjoying his victory, his time would be better suited to bashing the New York Daily News cover on Twitter, saying that they will “close soon,” and accusing them of having “a major inferiority complex.”




While Trump’s Twitter rants are nothing new, there’s a stronger point at play here: are Trump’s supporters simply mindless zombies, clowning around in the voting booth?

Considering Trump’s increasingly xenophobic, racist, sexist, and ignorant rhetoric has gained him favor among a horrifying amount of Americans, this could make one wonder (perhaps equally out of hope and fear): do his supporters actually support him and his ideas, or are they just supporting the loudest voice in this presidential campaign?

There have been plenty of videos of Trump supporters explaining why they would vote for him. One of the most recent ones from ATTN: might shed some interesting light on the matter. When asked about specific ideas that Trump has talked about, many of the supporters in this video seem to backtrack and say, “Yeah, well, that’s not a great, but he’s still a great representation of my ideals.”

Here's what young conservatives have to say about Donald Trump.

Posted by ATTN: on Tuesday, February 9, 2016


If these supporters don’t support his ideas, why would they vote for him in the first place?

One thing is undeniable, regardless of where one stands on the political spectrum: Trump has tapped into the anger that his supporters feel, and has wielded that anger like the sword of Camelot, chanting “Make American great again!” while people stand by mesmerized.

It’s also important to bring up the fact that in this country, particularly the notoriously red states, people have a hard time recalling historical facts (take for example one video that asked university students “Who won the Civil War?” and got blank stares in response), but can easily tell you what TV show Snookie hails from.

Perhaps the entire reason people back up Trump is because he was a reality TV star first—it boils down to the fact that they think they know him, despite disagreeing with some of his most egregious claims.

Whatever the reason, the win in New Hampshire proves that hate, not logic, may win over the hearts and minds of Americans more often than not—and that’s terrifying.

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