Trump's Vocabulary Is No Better Than A Sixth Grader's

A new study found that presidential hopefuls' grammar is equivalent to middle school students with Donald Trump's way of speaking "just below sixth grade level."

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A new study found that the 2016 presidential candidates’ vocabulary is on par with middle school students, with Donald Trump’s level of eloquence trailing behind.

The study, released by Carnegie Mellon University this week, analyzed campaign speeches of the presidential hopefuls and found their grammar skills are “typical of students in grades 6-8” with the Republican front-runner’s grammar (unsurprisingly) scoring “just below sixth grade level” at 5.7.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders faired reasonably with his speeches marked at the tenth grade level, while his opponent Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric confirmed the candidate’s notorious inconsistency; her way of speaking changes depending on the audience she is addressing.

“We can see that Hilary Clinton has the highest standard deviation and so the biggest change of choice of words from one speech to another,” the researchers wrote.

Despite the embarrassing finding, Trump’s poor ranking shouldn’t be a concern for the real estate tycoon as a CNN/ORC poll found his supporter base tends to be less educated, so if the candidate used language slightly more complex than his normal ape talk, his fans might have trouble understanding him. Yet even Trump himself seems to be quite alright with a largely uneducated group of supporters, declaring just last month his love for the “poorly educated.” 

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