Trump Appointee To Step Down Amid Controversy Over Work History

After his rapid rise despite little to no experience and a questionable resume, a controversial appointee will step down, according to the White House.

After Democratic senators wrote to President Donald Trump expressing displeasure with the appointment of Taylor Weyeneth as deputy chief of staff at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the controversial 24-year-old will step down this month.

Weyeneth had come under heavy scrutiny after The Washington Post reported on the various discrepancies its reporters found on the resumes he presented to the administration.

With virtually no previous experience after graduating college in May 2016, Weyeneth rose quickly within the office. Since questions regarding his actual qualifications surfaced, however, it was reported that he allegedly failed to show up for work while employed at a New York law firm in 2015.

As the administration was questioned for having put an inexperienced person in such an important role within the agency tasked with organizing anti-drug initiatives and fighting the national opioid crisis, Weyeneth was first reassigned to do “administrative work." Now, the White House has said, Weyeneth “has decided to depart ... at the end of the month.”  

In their letter to Trump, senators brought up Weyeneth’s lack of experience, as well as the administration’s failure in fully staffing its agencies, as signs that the president isn’t serious about fighting the opioid epidemic the country now faces.

“You have claimed that the opioid epidemic is a top priority for your administration, but the personnel you have staffing these key agencies — and the lack of nominees to head them — is cause for deep concern,” they wrote. “This crisis knows no bounds, and we are committed to working across party lines with anyone who is serious about addressing this devastating epidemic.”

The Trump administration’s inefficiency at assigning personnel to fill all federal agencies’ vacancies has become reason for concern, prompting Congress to pressure the president so he may fulfill his duties. Many people have claimed that the administration’s frequent staff turnover is another sign that the administration is failing to bring in qualified candidates.

Whatever the reason why the Trump administration has a hard time bringing qualified candidates, it’s clear that the problem starts at the top, where disagreement and mismanagement appear to be key components of the Trump White House.

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