#TrumpSoPoor: Internet Savagely Exposes The Business Fraud He Is

A new FEC report has revealed that Trump only has a little more than a million dollars of cash on hand for his campaign—the internet responded with #TrumpSoPoor

Donald trump

One of Donald Trump’s sole advantageous attributes is his alleged business experience and acumen—given any opportunity, Trump loves to boast about his financial prowess and status as a successful billionaire.

Most recently, Trump gloated to the “Today Show” that, “I understand money better than anybody. I understand it far better than Hillary, and I’m way up on the economy when it comes to questions on the economy.”

However, new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings have revealed that the supposedly self-funded GOP candidate is doing astonishingly poorly with his fundraising: He only raised $3.2 million in May and has $1.3 million on hand.

This is hardly enough to fund a successful congressional campaign, let alone a presidential campaign. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton raised over $26 million in May and has a total of $42 million on hand; Trump cannot compete with these numbers if he continues to fundraise at this sluggish pace.

On one hand, the news is unsurprising considering Trump has been forced to declare bankruptcy four times and most successful projects are not ones he has overseen, but rather sold his name to. On the other, it’s startling considering there are more than a few billionaires and companies that would be willing to lend him money, as they have done for Republican candidates in the past.

Regardless, the internet gleefully took advantage of this news and the hashtag #TrumpSoPoor was quickly born. Trump was mercilessly mocked for his anemic fundraising numbers and financial troubles.

It’s long been speculated that Trump’s alleged net worth of $10 billion is a ridiculous exaggeration, and his campaign’s disastrous financial state likely serves as a glimpse into what the economy would look like if he had any power as president. 

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