Tucker Carlson, O'Reilly's Supporter, Criticizes Weinstein's Enablers

The Fox News host, who works for a network which is under investigation for its own culture of sexual misconduct, called for a probe into “Hollywood’s culture of systematic cultural abuse.”



Big-time Hollywood producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein has been accused of unchecked sexual harassment dating back decades.

Now out of all the people in this world, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is calling for a DOJ investigation into “Hollywood’s culture of systematic cultural abuse.”

During a monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the conservative firebrand not only blamed Democrats for enabling Weinstein’s behavior but also ruthlessly bashed Hillary Clinton for not responding to the allegations fast enough.

“Those actors who lecture you from the Oscar podium every year about their virtue and your lack of it? Suddenly silent. Hillary Clinton, traveling on a book tour, whose whole purpose is to call out sexism in American society? She said not a single word about her old friend Harvey Weinstein for five full days. The truth is Weinstein could never have gotten away with any of those without enablers like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the so-called creative community in Hollywood.”

“The bigger scandal is the reactions to it, or lack of reaction. Harvey Weinstein isn’t just a movie producer — he’s a political figure on the left, a major donor to the Democratic party, a personal friend to countless liberal activists and politicians,” he added.

Carlson should be the last person to lecture anyone on sexual harassment, considering he works for a network which has been accused of similar behavior for years.

Last year, its founder CEO Roger Ailes was accused of sexual harassment by a whole host of current and former Fox News employees. The conduct of Ailes was an “open secret” in Fox News as well, just as the conduct of Weinstein was in Hollywood, but did Carlson speak out?

No, he did not.

He is now also running a show which was formerly hosted by Bill O’Reilly, who was also accused of sexually assaulting women, and was ousted from the channel as a result.

Carlson himself hardly has any respect for women himself.

When Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca wrote a bombshell article condemning Donald Trump, Carlson invited her to his show and insulted her intelligence by telling her she should “stick to knee high boots,” among other things.

Apart from this, Carlson has on several occasions been heard making sexist comments. He is a sexist, racist and misogynist, who says the most outrageous things on live television without an ounce of shame and regret.

Carlson’s comments on the monologue were nothing but hypocrisy at its finest. Just because Weinstein is a major Democratic Party fundraiser, it gave him an opportunity to target Democratic leaders, but he chose to remain silent on sexual assault allegations that exist in his own network.


Sexual harassment is an act that should be condemned widely and people should stand against it, no matter who their boss is. If women who have been victims of the assault come forward and share their ordeal, what stops other people from standing beside them?


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