Tucker Carlson Blames Dems For Death Threats Against Kavanaugh Accuser

“Democrats betrayed her and they dragged her into the public eye. Now Ford says she has had to leave her home because of threats. Democrats in the Senate did that purely for partisan advantage.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who first blamed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford for not reporting sexual assault, is blaming the Democrats for death threats against her now that she has come forward.

But one can never expect much sense from Carlson, can one?

Ford, who teaches at the University of Palo Alto, sent a letter to Californian Democrats in June that alleged Kavanaugh pinned her down on a bed, tried to take off her clothes and pressed his hand to her mouth when she tried to scream, while they were both in high school.

However, the harrowing details of the incident that apparently happened at a party, are not enough for Carlson.

Not only did he question the veracity of Ford’s story and called the details “murky,” he highlighted the fact that Ford, stripped of all privacy by reporters, has been barraged with death threats from people who believe she is falsely accusing Kavanaugh — people who have been enabled by “reporters” like Carlson himself, the GOP and even President Donald Trump — to call into question a sexual assault survivor’s story and to react with violence.

Prior to this, Ford had asked for anonymity. Her brave decision to come forward has not been without cost to her. Soon after her identity was disclosed, her lawyers claimed Ford “has been the target of vicious harassment and even death threats,” forcing her family to relocate.

But Carlson did not blame these violent people for threatening Ford. He blamed the Democrats, of course, because every vicious thing that Americans do is always the Democratic Party’s fault, in his mind.

“She had asked to remain anonymous. Democrats betrayed her and they dragged her into the public eye. Now Ford says she has had to leave her home because of threats. Democrats in the Senate did that purely for partisan advantage. And you should keep that in mind the next time they lecture you about how much they care about women,” the Fox News firebrand ranted.

Never mind the fact that Ford herself said she went public because her civic responsibility bound her to say something as Kavanaugh looked all but confirmed for a seat in the Supreme Court.

When Sen. Dianne Feinstein first revealed the existence of Ford’s letter in early September, it was the right who looked at the allegations with skepticism, some of them claiming it was just a hoax designed by the Democrats to cast doubt on Kavanaguh’s nomination, because Ford at the time did not have a name or a face.

Now that she does, the GOP’s response is still woefully disappointing.

Ford said she is willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee but wants the FBI to investigate her allegations first. However, committee chairman Chuck Grassley has rejected her demand and ordered he wants Ford to testify on the coming Monday.

Meanwhile, Fox News is pretending the Republican Party does not have a problem of violence against women. The video below should clue them in.

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