Racist Man Carrying Knives Attacks Muslim Women At A Starbucks

The women were sitting at a Starbucks in Tucson when this man allegedly attacked them and even broke one of their phones.



A man in Tucson, Arizona was arrested after he allegedly attacked a group of Muslim women while shouting racial and anti-Muslim slurs at them.

Manuel Lewis, 44, was also carrying knives when he confronted "seven women" sitting on a Starbucks patio, according to Officer Chris Hawkins with the Tucson Police Department.

According to witnesses' accounts to Tucson News Now, he even broke one of the women's phones.

"He came. He ran and pushed into their table. A couple of the girls fell down. He threw their table over," Joseph Witzke, who also captured Lewis' arrest on camera, told the local news channel.

Lewis allegedly tried to flee but Witzke and a couple of other bystanders managed to get hold of him. They detained him until the police arrived.

It was later discovered the man had previously engaged in racist behavior. Locals claimed he had shouted derogatory remarks at a nearby middle-eastern eatery, Sindbad's Restaurant, in the vicinity before.

"Yes, especially with carrying the knife. It is so bad. And for the women - for the women - impossible. They are very peaceful. Why he did it? They are schoolkids," Amna Al Qaisi, owner of Sindbad's Restaurant, told Tucson News Now.

Lewis was charged with seven counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of assault with no injuries, and two counts of criminal damage.

It is not yet clear if he will be charged with hate crime.

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