Tunisian Goalie Fakes Injury So Players Could Break Fast In Ramadan

Both of Hassen’s “injuries” coincided with the sunset, allowing other Tunisian players to drink water and eat dates to break their fast in Ramadan.



Tunisia’s national goalkeeper “suffered” back-to-back injuries during the soccer world cup practice matches against both, Portugal and Turkey.

Surprisingly, both these injuries happened just as the sun was setting.

During both the matches, as soon as Mouez Hassen would go down, his teammates would run to drink water and eat dates, leading to speculation the goalie faked his “injuries” so that his fellow players could break their fast at sunset as is required during Ramadan.

During the first match against Portugal, Hassen went down in the 58th-minute, the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

In similar fashion, during the match against Turkey, Hassen went down in the 49th-minute and stayed down for about 60 seconds, while his teammates rushed off pitch to drink water.

The timing of Hassen’s injury was first noted by Tunisian sports reporters who pointed out both the “injuries” concurred when the breaking of the fast commences in Ramadan.

According to the Daily Mail, Souhail Khmira, a freelance reporter, tweeted the players have an “agreement” with their goalkeeper to feign an injury so the players can have a moment to break their fast. The second match was against Turkey, also a Muslim nation, but apparently no such arrangement made with them.



Fellow footballers have since teased Hassen for his antics on the pitch. Comorian footballer Chaker Alhadhur tweeted, “It's all right now, we know you were pretending.” To which Hassen replied, “I was injured bruv” followed by laughing emoticons.

Hassen was not disciplined by the on-field officials and it is highly unlikely he will face any subsequent punishment since it is impossible to prove the injury was faked.

Muslims, all over the world, fast during the month of Ramadan, which is considered a holy month in the faith.

The soccer world cup will commence on June 14 in Russia, with Tunisia’s opening match on June 18 against England.

Even though, their world cup matches start after Ramadan ends, Tunisia still has a friendly game against Spain on June 9. Naturally, all eyes will be on Hassen to see if his “injury” break makes a recurrence as the sun sets.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

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