Radio Hosts Get Kicked Off Air After Calling State AG 'Turban Man'

Radio hosts referred to the New Jersey attorney general as the "Turban Man" during their show, prompting the station to suspend their show immediately.

Radio hosts in New Jersey are getting a taste of justice after referring to their state's attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, as the “Turban Man.”

Grewal is the first and only Sikh-American to serve as attorney general in the United States. Despite being part of history, WKXW hosts Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco had no issue calling him “Turban Man” during their Wednesday “The Dennis & Judi Show.”

The hosts were talking about Grewal’s decision to suspend marijuana prosecutions in the state when Malloy told Franco he couldn’t remember the attorney general’s name.

“I'm just going to say the guy with the turban," he said.

From then on, they referred to him as “Turban Man.”

Malloy is a New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee who’s hosted the show for over 20 years. Yet he had no regrets and ended up doubling down.

“If that offends you, then don’t wear the turban and maybe I’ll remember your name,” Malloy later said.

After the incident, Grewal tweeted about the comments, saying that he told his daughters to turn off the radio.

On Twitter, many users showed support for Grewal.

“[We have] taken immediate action and have taken [the hosts] off the air until further notice," WKXW announced following the backlash.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was also concerned about the incident. He issued a statement saying he was “outraged by the abhorrent and xenophobic comments."

"Hate speech has no place in New Jersey, and it does not belong on our airwaves," he said. "Station management must now hold the hosts accountable for these intolerant and racist comments.”

It’s good to know that prestige and a long career in the radio business will not insulate hosts like Malloy from being reprimanded for making racist or inappropriate comments. Hopefully, other media figures will think twice before attacking Grewal over his religion.

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