Turkish Man Survives Being Crushed By Tanks — Twice

This protester, adamant not to let the army over throw the democratic government of Tayyip Erdogan, just may be the luckiest man in Turkey – if not the world.

Sabri Unal is lucky to be alive, considering he was ran over by two tanks!

The CCTV footage below shows the entire event:

Tanks ran over Unal, a supporter of the Turkish government, as he tried to stop the military vehicles during the failed attempted coup in Turkey with little more than three stones and a backbone of steel.

Still under treatment at a local hospital, he told the media what happened on that fateful night.

“All I could do was to respond to those tanks with the three stones that I had. I threw the stones at the tanks and signaled them to stop. But the tank did not stop. After realizing it would run over me, I laid down in the middle,” he recalled. “Thanks to Allah the first tank missed me. Actually it hesitated for a second over me so that he could check his conscience that he did not run over me, then he carried on and I stood up.

"Then the second tank came. I tried to run away to the right but after realizing that I could not get away, I rolled back to the center. The doctor just said my elbow is completely shattered. He said it probably won’t get better. That’s all I know. But there is a chance if it was treated in a different institution.”

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Masses, some waving Turkish flags, gathered in major squares in Istanbul and Ankara to show support for the elected government as gunfire broke out in both cities.

Warplanes and helicopters roared over Ankara and explosions while could be heard in the background. State-run news agency Anadolu said military helicopters had fired on the headquarters of the intelligence agency. Reuters journalists reported tanks opening fire near the parliament building in the capital, which they had surrounded.

Airports were shut, access to Internet social media sites was cut off, and troops sealed off the two bridges over the river Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Soldiers also took control of TRT state television, which announced a countrywide curfew and martial law. However, the coup attempt was thwarted.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Osman Orsal

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