Turkey Malls Let Stray Animals Sleep Inside In A Display Of Kindness

As Istanbul faced adverse weather conditions with the heaviest snowstorm since 2009, its people showed the greatest example of kindness.

As the heaviest snowfall since 2009 hit Istanbul, Turkey, its people showed the ultimate example of compassion and helped stray animals on the streets, providing them safety and warmth in the freezing temperatures.

The Atrium Mall located in the Bakikro neighborhood of the city opened its doors for homeless dogs and gave them place to sleep.

But the mystery dog loving owners of the mall weren’t the only ones to offer a warm place for stray animals during the blizzard. The act of kindness also inspired other members of the business community and regular individuals to come forward and do the same.

Clothing store Penti was also very generous. Store manager, Arzu Inan, shared this heartening post of dogs resting inside the store with the caption, “Don’t forget that only true love warms up.”

Turkish animal rights defender, Ece Öcal, appealed people to help the animals.

“Homeless animals are in need of human kindness, especially in this weather. Help them, share with them the warmth of your heart and they will be thankful to you for the rest of their life,” he said, according to CNN Türk.

The post soon went viral and animal lovers came forward to help these innocent creatures.



But dogs weren’t the only animals getting affected with the adverse chilly weather; cats were suffering too. Thankfully, people gave shelter to cats as well.

According to the Turkish media, Selçuk Bayal, who has a small stationery store and cafe in Istanbul, transformed his business into a temporary warm living refuge for stray cats.

These viral pictures gained appreciation from people around the globe, applauding the store owners for helping the animals that could have frozen to death with nowhere to go in such exceptionally cold weather. 

With so many animal cruelty stories making the headlines, this display of kindheartedness is incredibly heartwarming.

Banner/Spot Image Credit: Reuters

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