Mass Fistfight Erupts Between Suited And Booted Lawmakers In Turkey

Members of opposing political parties in the Turkish parliament broke into a passionate fist fight as they discussed changes to the constitution.

Turkish politicians seem to be having a hard time keeping their emotions under control.

In a parliamentary session held to discuss some government-backed changes to the constitution, members of the AK party and pro-Kurdish politicians broke into a fist fight. The two parties were debating over a law lifting parliamentarians immunity from prosecution, but as matters heated up, nothing substantial came out of the discussion. 

While some parliamentarians jumped off tables, landing among people hurling punches towards one another, others threw water and kicked members of the opposition party.

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The scene just shows how low politicians can stoop to have their way. It is indeed sad that well-educated politicians occupying significant positions in the Turkish parliament did not think twice before breaking out into a fist fight and behaving like 5-year-olds.

A few members of the parliament were even injured during the fight and now Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded prosecution for those belonging to the democratic pro-Kurdish HDP.

Interestingly, on Thursday a meeting regarding the same issue was underway when a fight broke out, causing it to be postponed.

It is about time politicians got their emotions under control, and keep in mind that being world leaders and people thousands of citizens of a country look up to, they must maintain certain decorum and standard, especially when in the parliament or during official meetings.

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