Reporter Mistakes Video Game Cheats For Turkish Coup Codes

A Turkish reporter who thought she found the secret codes used during the Turkish coup attempt could not have been more wrong.

Journalism in Turkey has apparently gone to the dogs.

Recently, a newscaster of Turkish channel ATV was presumably rummaging through the garbage when she chanced upon a breaking discovery: a notebook that looked like it contained the secret codes used by rebels during the July 15, 2016, Turkish coup.

The coup d’etat was carried out by a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces, which attempted to seize control of some of the major cities of Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara, but failed in its mission when the government was able to subdue it.

The find would have been monumental if not for the fact that the scribblings on the paper were actually cheat codes for the "Grand Theft Auto" video game.

GTA Cheats

For those people who don’t understand Turkish, the page says:



I/ Health and Gun

II/Health and Armor

According to an online forum, the reporter is saying, “This is how they communicate in secrets (sic). Even though it says 'cheats,' health and gun, health and armor, weather, this (sic) were the things they used in the coup.”

It has not yet been confirmed whether the whole thing was a hoax contrived by the channel to get more publicity. Either way, it proves Turkey’s reporters need to get out more.

After the absurd news went viral, social media users came online to bash Turkey for its questionable journalist ethics.






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