Twin Sisters Give Birth At The Same Day & Time In Different States

Two identical twin sisters gave birth last week on the same day and at the same exact time, while giving birth in different states, Colorado and California.

Two minds must think alike when you are an identical twin.

Identical twins Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers, 35, both gave birth on June 30 at 1:18 a.m. exactly in their own time zones, according to TODAY.

Mariuz gave birth to a baby girl in La Jolla, California while her sister Leah Rodgers gave birth to a baby boy in Denver, Colorado.


“We’ve always lived in separate places, but all of us—we have two —sisters are very close in age and very close,” Rodgers said. “But certainly there’s another connection at the twin level.”

The sisters were surprised to learn that they both got pregnant around the same time and decided to text each other pregnancy updates during their pregnancies.

“We didn’t plan on being pregnant at the same time. But our journeys aligned, even giving birth! Twins have a special bond, it’s hard to explain,” Mariuz told People.

sarah mariuz,leah rodgers

Rodgers knew her sister was pregnant when she was approached her sister with her pregnancy announcement last year and shared her news shortly before her sister did.

Samantha Lynne and Reid Joseph, their newborn babies, will now share the same birthdays, just as their identical moms do, and will possibly develop a close connection to each other as well. 

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