Twitter Floods With Hilarious #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName

The internet is a fun place – add elections to the equation and it becomes comical. Take another step and add Donald Trump in the mix and oh boy!

We have a new national hero: The person who decided to float #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName on Twitter. Needless to say, what followed was an avalanche of awesome:



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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is usually the one making fun of people, humiliating them and calling them names. But it seems the people turned the tables on him. 

But when it comes to the two main presidential candidates, people do have the tendency to come up with less than respectable words for them.

In a survey by the Huffington Post, "liar" and "arrogant" came out as the top descriptors of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and Trump, respectively.

The poll asked Americans to describe Clinton and Trump in one word, and the results were unkind to say the least.

Clinton’s top descriptor was “liar” followed by “dishonest” and “crooked.” Trump did not fare much better, with a top three of “arrogant,” “racist,” and “a**hole.”

Clinton’s first positive characterization came in at No. 6 with “experienced,” while Trump’s was at No. 8 with “honest.”

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