Mike Pence Labeled A Hypocrite For Tweet Honoring Civil Rights Icon

Vice President Mike Pence appears to have forgotten his past actions, using Twitter to celebrate a civil rights icon while ignoring the issues minorities face today.

Football player takes a knee.

It might sound somewhat counterintuitive, but Vice President Mike Pence used Twitter to celebrate the life of a civil rights icon.

Twitter users sure let him know how they felt.

After Linda Brown, the young child who was at the center of the Brown v. Board of Education case in the 1950s, died at the age of 76, Pence used Twitter to ask his followers and the nation to remember Brown “as a towering figure in the fight for equality & equal treatment under the law.”

Despite his words of praise to Brown and how she helped “make our Nation a better place,” many Twitter users reminded the vice president that not too long ago, he made a scene during an NFL game precisely because players took a knee to protest police brutality.

As we all know, cases of injustice involving law enforcement disproportionately hurt the black community.

If Pence were, indeed, worried about making the nation a better place, he would understand and, perhaps, want to listen to the players trying to fight institutionalized racism. Instead, he used Twitter to pay homage to a dead civil rights activist, ignoring what’s going on right under his nose.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters/Joshua Roberts 

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