De Blasio Blasted As 'Pruitt In The Making' For Traveling On $3M Plane

The New York City mayor used a $3 million spy aircraft to go back and forth from his vacation spot after criticizing former EPA head Scott Pruitt for his lack of concern for climate change.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is under fire for using a $3 million plane to travel back from his vacation in Canada on Thursday.

Some people online are even calling the Democratic mayor a Scott Pruitt in the making.

The plane fitted for counterterrorism missions was used by the New York Police Department to fly de Blasio from Quebec, Canada, to the Bronx, New York, where he was scheduled to appear in a memorial for Detective Miosotis Familia.

The aircraft originally cost the department $3 million, and it was purchased in 2017.

The Cessna 208 Caravan, as it is known, is fitted with powerful sensors that detect radioactive material from a distance. The plane isn’t specifically designed as a means to transport officials. Instead, a police source told reporters, it’s used for counterterrorism measures.

“It is very unusual to go on an international flight to go pick up the mayor,” a source said. “I think it’s excessive because that wasn’t what that plane was designed to do. It’s designed for counterterrorism measures. To go to Canada to get the mayor? It’s excessive.”

After the memorial, which featured de Blasio co-naming a street after Familia, the “spy” plane then flew him back to Canada.

When questioned about the cost of the trip, neither de Blasio’s office nor the NYPD responded.

On Twitter, many users said they were shocked that a liberal politician would let this happen, especially considering the carbon footprint left behind by this round-trip alone and how de Blasio criticized former EPA chief Scott Pruitt for doing the same.

Others compared him to Pruitt, who recently resigned following the backlash over his use of government resources for personal matters.

De Blasio should not expect to be let off the hook so easily by ignoring climate change tied to this personal trip while he criticizes others who do the same. Unless, of course, he thinks little of the New Yorkers who voted for him, and the Americans everywhere who had initially supported him.


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