Twitter Drags NBC For Bringing ‘Racist’ Megyn Kelly To The Network

Megyn Kelly’s big move to NBC caused a stir on Twitter as people expressed concerns over her history of making offensive and controversial statements.

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Following the announcement that anchor Megyn Kelly would be leaving Fox News to work for NBC, social media exploded with various reactions to the surprising decision.

As a Fox News reporter, Kelly has made some controversial statements in alignment with very conservative views, particularly on the subject of race.

Kelly is set to host a daytime news program at her new network and an “in-depth” Sunday program, RawStory reports. However, many people on Twitter — including some fellow journalists — expressed concerns about her joining the NBC team.

Kelly has been at the center of a few controversies lately, starting with her heated feuds with President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign, followed by her sexual harassment accusations against former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, who was also accused by other female colleagues.

It seems that separating herself from the network is an appropriate move professionally and personally, however, moving to NBC — which is largely considered a more moderate to left-leaning network — appears to be making people question the ethics of mainstream media.

In addition to those who believe Kelly is racist, others also voiced concerns about victim-blaming comments she made about a 15-year-old who was assaulted by a cop.

Whether or not Kelly will shift gears to be more moderate while on NBC is yet to be seen, but it seems her Fox News reputation has already preceded her. She has much to prove to viewers who don’t believe her ideologies align with the network or its audience.

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