Twitter Drags Trump’s Nobel Prize Aspirations After Canceling Summit

President Donald Trump blew yet another nuclear deal by giving his back to North Korea, prompting everyone to mock his supporters' call for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Unhappy with blowing just one nuclear deal, President Donald Trump blew a second one by sending a letter to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un saying he would not participate in the Singapore peace talks. Consequently, Twitter didn’t miss the opportunity to ask the president what happened to that Nobel Peace Prize his supporters were pushing for.

The summit in Singapore would have given countries involved the chance to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea. But Trump suddenly became uninterested. Some said that's because John Bolton wanted nothing but a complete end to the country's nuclear program, much like what happened in Libya.

To Kim, however, following the Libya model means one thing: his forceful removal from power in the near future. He showed signs he wasn't interested in handing over the keys to his nuclear program right away, so Trump pulled the plug on the summit.

But long before that and as soon as South Korea's President Moon Jae In and Kim shook hands, Trump supporters started calling for a Nobel Peace Prize.

As Raw Story reported, 18 Republican elected officials nominated him for one. When justifying their choice, they touted “his tireless work to bring peace to our world.”

Still, many people weren’t impressed.

Aaron David Miller, a Middle East analyst, author, and negotiator who worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations said he thought the idea was ludicrous.

"It's surreal in the sense that it's clearly premature to be talking about giving anybody a Nobel Peace Prize," he said.

But "if in fact the diplomacy goes the right way," the scenario is "conceivable," he added.

​In Copenhagen, Denmark, locals even laughed at the prospects of Trump getting the prize.

“Trump … the peace prize? You must be joking,” said 46-year-old accountant Lene Larsen. “Maybe it should be a sex prize or a prize for being unpopular.”

Hasse Jakupsen, 52, agreed, saying, "I am pretty sure the Norwegians can see through this. Being nominated does not mean that you actually get the prize. It is pretty ridiculous to have such hopes."

Now that Trump seems to be turning his back to peace entirely, Twitter users knew just what to say.

While it’s saddening to see the U.S. leader act like a petulant child, it’s also not surprising.

Trump has shown he is not ready to be diplomatic and effective in the past. We shouldn’t believe that, all of a sudden, things would change, especially now that he has filled his administration with advisers and cabinet members who are pushing for more, not less, conflict.

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