Twitter Erupts After Trump Calls His Presidency ‘Consensual’

President Donald Trump associated himself with the word "consensual" when he tried to quote conservative New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin in a tweet.

President Donald Trump tweeted and then deleted a typo that spread like wildfire when he was quoting conservative columnist Michael Goodwin, according to a CNN report.

He cited his “consensual presidency” in the tweet, which can’t be that embarrassing for him since he’s the king of slinging typo-ridden tweets like the infamous “covfefe” post. It’s just another case of when bragging about yourself goes wrong.

Trump referenced a New York Post column, and initially tweeted, “’His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that ... there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President.’”

Trump took another shot at the tweet and replaced “consensual” with what Goodwin actually wrote, “consequential,” and this time he added Goodwin’s reference to Trump’s “missteps.”

Without reading his own words, Goodwin retweeted the incorrect tweet and thanked the president, but he was forced to retweet the correction after Trump recognized his blunder.

Twitter users used this opportunity to make fun of Trump’s typo by denying that they “consented” Trump’s leadership and his sexual assault allegations.


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