Twitter Explodes With #GasconDoUrJob Over Amilcar Lopez Killing

Twitter users are demanding justice for Amilcar Perez Lopez, a young man who was shot in the back six times by San Francisco police in 2015.

Over a year after Amilcar Perez Lopez was shot six times in the back by police, Twitter users are calling on District Attorney George Gascon to bring his killers to justice.

48 Hills, a progressive non-profit media outlet based in San Francisco published a heart-rending article titled "What the police won’t tell you about the Amilcar Lopez killing," to inform people about this tragic case.

48 Hills gives a picture of Lopez' life. "With his family in dire poverty, 17-year-old Amilcar had left Guatemala to find work. He ended up in San Francisco where he worked two construction jobs, sometimes putting in 22-hour days, sleeping on a cot in a boiler room at night. At one point he proudly sent his family enough to install electricity in their home. He had had no run-ins with the law, was a hard worker, and a loyal, thoughtful young man who liked to joke and play tricks on his friends. He was hardly the violent thug the police chief would try to portray a couple of nights later."

The police officers who shot Lopez claimed that Lopez had lunged at them with a knife, but the coroner proved they were lying because Lopez was shot six times in the back.

The officers responsible were given paid administrative leave, a punishment that is tantamount to a paid vacation.

Thousands have been Tweeting Gascon using the hashtag "GasconDoUrJob" after he said that the officers were not prosecutable.

Justice for Amilcar Perez Lopez

The Twitter campaign was initiated by the Injustice Boycott, which is an activist movement launched by journalist Shaun King. 

The Injustice Boycott emailed subscribers with information on the case and so many chose to confront Gascon about it on Twitter that their hashtag was quickly trending. 

Local activists have been seeking justice for Lopez for more than a year. Hopefully the action taken on social media from people around the country will help put pressure on Gascon to take Lopez's killers to court.

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Daniel Arauz

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