Twitter Fumes Over Girl Scouts Marching In Inaugural Parade

Many people on Twitter are condemning the Girl Scouts for having its members walk in President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade despite his sexist track record.

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Girl Scouts of the USA supporters are fuming on Twitter following the announcement that the organization will be participating in the inaugural parade for President-elect Donald Trump.

The group is being criticized for having young girls march for a president who upholds misogynistic values and disrespects women and their bodies.

The official Girl Scouts Twitter account responded to the backlash by defending their choice to participate in the inauguration as it has been their tradition since 1917.

Their cookie-cutter (pun intended) defense did not stop people from slamming the controversial decision.

The Girl Scouts are widely perceived to be fairly progressive, considering their open acceptance of transgender youth and values promoting gender equality — which is why their participation comes as such a shock.

It isn’t mandatory for individual scouts to march in the parade, and the Girl Scouts have always claimed to be nonpartisan, however, people expressed disappointment in the organization for the troubling message this move sends to young girls about condoning sexual assault.

As disheartening as it may be, people have to come to terms with the fact that several public figures, nationally-recognized organizations, and celebrities will be present and participating in Trump’s inauguration.

On the flip side, the participants must also be prepared to lose many supporters, patrons, and members who refuse to back any entity that affiliates with Trump. This is one of the many ways that "The Donald" has divided our country. 

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