Twitter Refuses To Accept Trump With #NotMyPresident

On Wednesday, social media broke out in protest against Trump’s victory over Clinton. The hashtag #NotMyPresident captured the sentiment of millions.

The morning after a close election night is the worst, especially if your name happens to be Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton conceded with grace, the sentiments of her disappointed supporters and others who were against Donald Trump were palpable across the nation.

On Twitter, the top trending hashtag on Wednesday morning was #NotMyPresident, indicative of the sentiment felt by millions in the wake of Trump winning the election despite Clinton winning the popular vote.

A top tweet of a CNN video showing young people crying with the Simon and Garfunkel lyrics “HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND” was particularly discouraging.

Other tweets were bitter reminders of what Trump represented to get himself elected into office in the first place — racism, lies, and sexism.

Trump’s use of scare tactics played out dangerous narratives between “us” and “them,” which appealed to his core constituency. Trump said in a convention speech, “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.”

He capitalized on nationalist fears, delineating not only between Americans and foreigners, but Americans who didn’t fit into his narrow ideal of “Americanism” which caters predominantly to rich, white men like himself.

Demarcating the worthiness of Americans based on their ethnicity, religion, race, and country of origin points towards a flawed campaign which threatens the very foundations of the United States constitution. Yet, Trump succeeded. This is not Trump’s America. This is America.

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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