Nobody Wants Trump's 'Thoughts And Prayers’ After Newsroom Attack

“You caused this, Mr. President,” Twitter users blame Trump’s regular attacks on the media for the Maryland shooting.



After the horrific shooting at the Capital Gazette paper in Maryland left five people dead, President Donald Trump offered “thoughts and prayers.”

Unsurprisingly, not many were convinced with Trump having any remorse for the attack since he has been doing the same, behind his computer screen, for months.

Trump has used his Twitter account to spew hatred against the media for the longest time; so much so, he called the press, “enemy of the American people.”


So when the man who made “fake news” a household term offered his condolences over this particular tragedy, many on Twitter called out Trump’s hateful rhetoric against the free press and blamed him, in part, for contributing to this tragedy.










Others called him out for failing to pass sensible gun laws, which would restrict such senseless shootings, despite similar massacres in the recent past.


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