Twitter Trolls Trump's 'Beautiful Picture' Health Care Bill Comment

President Donald Trump's early tweet claiming his health care reforms would turn into a "beautiful picture" inspired many reactions from people on social media.

President Donald Trump was the subject of yet another round of well-deserved trolling early Thursday on Twitter. This time, it was over a comment he made about his health care reforms.

Trump said that “healthcare is coming along great” despite what you hear in the press — adding that it would turn into a “beautiful picture.” As expected, Twitter users did not disappoint.

With an array of artistic references, the responses painted a perfect picture of how many of us feel.

Early Thursday, the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee approved what many have dubbed “Trumpcare," but concerns raised by several Democrats and some Republicans seem to have gone unnoticed as the bill now heads to a secondary congressional panel.

Democrats have claimed that the bill needs to be debated once Republicans behind the reform proposal are able to demonstrate how much the rule changes will cost consumers. Republicans who are critical of the plan believe that the bill simply doesn't go far enough. And as more details on this plan are revealed voters who supported Trump in 2016 are now beginning to show concerns.

House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to defend the bill during a recent interview at Fox News only to be grilled by conservative host Tucker Carlson.

“It’s been seven years to the month since Obamacare passed, and I guess the obvious question is why, in all that time, couldn’t Republicans formulate a plan most of them could agree on before going public with it. It looks like chaos,” Carlson told Ryan. The Republican disagreed with the host.

Later, Carlson criticized the bill for how it helps investors instead of extending a hand to the ones who need it most.

Based on this, Trump may have meant that the reforms he supports will be a “beautiful picture” indeed, except not to the Americans in the low- and middle-income brackets.

So anti-establishment of him!

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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