Al Jazeera Sparks Outrage Online After Posting 'Anti-Semitic' Tweet

After tweeting a reply containing an openly anti-Semitic image, the company issued an apology that didn't seem to stick with social media users.

Racism is still part of our reality, and sometimes, it even appears to infect some members of the press.

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera, the partly private and partially Qatar-funded news organization, tweeted an image attached to a reply that raised a lot of eyebrows given the meme's blatantly anti-Semitic content.

The image, which had been sent to an Al Jazeera climate change story, was made into a tweet published by the organization.

After the backlash concerning the use of the image, the publication deleted the tweet and offered an apology, saying that the image did not originate from Al Jazeera or its staff, and that the mention had been nothing but an error.

According to BuzzFeed, the character depicted in the meme shows the “internet's favorite anti-Semitic image.” Known as the “Happy Merchant,” the meme is known for its horrific racist imagery, and still, Al Jazeera's social media managers obviously felt it was prudent to tweet it at the time.

The internet did not forgive the publication, using harsh words to comment on the deleted tweet and the decision to address this issue in such a light manner.

After the wave of criticism, the organization may have learned a lesson or two.

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