Two Doctors In India Accused Of Using Man’s Severed Leg As A Pillow

A hospital patient in India was dehumanized after staff neglected to give him a pillow and someone later placed his severed leg under his head instead.

Two doctors at the Maharani Laxmi Bai Jhansi Medical College and Hospital in India have been suspended after a video showing a patient with his own severed leg placed under his head as a pillow went viral on Saturday.

The patient, 28-year-old Ghanshyam, lost his leg during a driving accident while he was working as a cleaner on a school bus. The crash reportedly left 25 of the children in the vehicle with injuries.

Ghanshyam’s family said they arrived at the hospital to find him with his leg propped up under his head and that doctors ignored their numerous requests that he be given a pillow. They, ultimately, had no choice but to buy a pillow from a local market to accommodate their relative.

The family said that the doctors are guilty of placing Ghanshyam’s leg as a headrest for him.

The CCTV footage that subsequently emerged showed Ghanshyam lying down with his eyes closed on a stretcher in what looks to be a hallway in the hospital. His injured leg is wrapped with white elastic bandages, while the severed part of his leg can be seen under his head. Since Ghanshyam’s eyes weren't open, it’s unclear if he was aware that it had been placed there.

A government investigation of the incident has been launched.

The principal of the medical college, Dr. Sadhna Kaushik, said a four-person committee was tasked with figuring out who is guilty of placing the leg as a pillow and that a report based on its findings would be released in 48 hours.

In addition to the two doctors who have been suspended in the meantime, two nurses have also been suspended. According to Kaushik, a woman who’d been given the severed leg by Ghanshyam’s family after they brought him to the hospital failed to give the leg to the medical staff after the legal formalities were completed.

Sadly, Uttar Pradesh, the state in which the hospital in question is located, is one of the poorest states in India, and medical negligence is a common occurrence there. 

The treatment Ghanshyam was subjected to was thoroughly dehumanizing, and the so-called medical personnel who put him through it should be terminated from their jobs at the hospital and should face legal consequences.

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